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Product Description

Barber Salon Mats is layered with a non-permeable textured and high gloss vinyl. The vinyl is textured with an attractive pebble-link surface, vinyl top surface is puncture proof from heels, and cart traffic it will provide superior comfort.
This Salon and Spa Mats are designed to be the best in comfort and durability while accommodating the look of any salon. All but one mat in the Salon Series are four feet in depth, which allows the stylist to have both feet on the mat when standing beside their client. Our distinctive cart path enables carts to be rolled on and off the mat easily. The unparalleled relief of dramatically improves the productivity and morale of those that represent the salon
Durability and comfort are the trademarks of Elites Series. With two widths options, we can accommodate your hair salon needs and surpass your desire for well-being of salon employees and stylists. Beveled sides and path corners can makes it effortless to roll your salon styling caddy and carts off the mats.
The anti-fatigue properties associated with our Spa Mats is superior. Standing is more stressful on joints than walking. Our spa mats and shampoo mats will increase productivity because the added comfort of the spa mats will enable workers to stand longer (work longer) without discomfort and fatigue. This equals increased productivity due to the stress reduction that our mats provides

Width: 153cm
Radius: 90cm
Thickness: 1.2cm