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Product Description
Natural Series

Smooth & Rich Foam for Beautifully Even Coloring with Honey, Rose Water & Fruit Extracts

This Kit Contains
- Protective Gloves
- Colorant
- Developer
- Mixing Shaker
- After Color Treatment

Beautylabo Whip Hair Color (A) Honey Lemon Colorant 40ml
Beautylabo Whip Hair Color (h3) Developer 80ml
Beautylabo (b) After Color Treatment 5ml


Read the instruction leaflet carefully before use.
1. Mix the Colorant and Developer. Strongly shake more than 30 times!
2. Apply by hand and gently work into hair.
3. Wait for 30 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

*Take the Colorant and Developer out of the Mixing Shaker, and leave them at room temperature (between 20-30°C) for at least 1 hour before mixing.

This product cannot be whipped properly if it is too warm.

Amount Used : The contents of 1 kit will color shoulder length hair once.
*Use 2 kits if you have thick hair or long hair.

Reuse: This product cannot be kept for reuse.

• The color result may vary depending on your hair color before coloring, hair damage level, hair type, room temperature, and developing time.
• It is difficult to lighten the color of dark colored hair. The color result may turn out an unexpected shade or uneven color if hair has already been colored with hair color or hair manicure etc.
• This product is not recommended for gray hair. Result of applying to gray hair may be a light purple-grayish color.