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Product Description
  • Provide the hair with a long lasting shine without stickiness and residue with the ability to reshape and comb throughout the day.
  • With a refreshing fragrance, Elegance pomade/wax allows you to alter the effect by changing the amount you use and whether you apply to wet or dry hair.
  • Wet hair gives less hold with more shine and dry hair gives more hold with less shine.
  • Elegance pomade is perfect for all types of hair including naturally dry hair.
  • Strength Rating: Strong hold


  • Easy to apply and distribute.
  • Long lasting shine.
  • Dries light and clean.
  • Excellent quality and flake free.
  • Refreshing fragrance.
  • Long lasting hold.
  • Lets you shape into any desired style.
  • Washes out easily with water.


  • Dose the amount needed according to the length and state of hair onto palm of the hands.
  • Use fingers to work it well into hair creating the desired style.
  • Fit with your daily use.