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Product Description
  • Highly moisturizing and lightweight oil ideal for the daily maintenance of facial hair.
  • Hydration not only keeps the facial hair healthy as it grows, but it also hydrates the skin.
  • Great grooming tool and will assist in preventing flakes.
  • The hydrating ingredients help to keep coarse hair neat and smooth.
  • Makes the beard or mustache touchable, soft, tangle-free and smells amazing.
  • Oil contains refreshing scent.


  • Helps to prevent beard flakes.
  • Keep coarse hair neat and smooth.
  • Soft and tangle-free.


  • Pour a small amount into one palm, then distribute over the fingers of both hands.
  • Apply the oil directly to skin under the beard and start the hydrating process at the source.
  • Work the remaining oil through the rest of your beard and mustache.