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Product Description
Expreme Keratin Scalp Relief Shampoo (1000ml)
  • Formulated to mitigate scalp issues such as dandruff, imbalance sebum secretion and clogged pores.Expreme Scalp Relief Shampoo provides nutrients to the scalp, detoxifies and deep cleanses it, as well as provides sebum control. This results in a healthy scalp condition to help facilitate hair growth.
Expreme Keratin Repair Inside Mask (1000ml)
  • A comprehensive, inside out approach to repairing hair.With a myriad of ingredients such as amino acids and soy protein, it act as a building block to our hair’s internal structure. To emollients and moisturizers our cortex with the necessary nutrients for a smooth, soft and shiny hair. It locks these benefits by closing our hair cuticles.
Mizu Tonic Hair Growth Solution 22ml
  • Protect & grow magnificently luscious hair with Mizu Hair Growth Solution .
  • Works as a leave-in conditioner, de-frizzing spray, and split end treatment.
  • Japanese Formulation to promote hair growth and a better scalp
  • Experience the hair-enhancing power of spicy chili to nourish your hair follicles, stimulate keratin production, add luster, and manage your tresses.


Expreme Keratin Scalp Relief Shampoo (1000ml)
  • Apply to wet hair.
  • Work in and rinse thoroughly.
  • Repeat if necessary.
Expreme Keratin Repair Inside Mask (1000ml)
  • Apply to mid-lengths and ends of towel-dried hair and work through.
  • Comb through and leave for 5-10 minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly.
Mizu Tonic Hair Growth Solution 22ml
  • Mizu Tonic can be used in a variety of ways, on wet or dry hair:
  • Use as a leave-in conditioner: Apply generously to damp scalp after washing hair, massage in, and dry as desired.
  • Use as a frizz reducing volume hair spritz: Spritz on to clean, damp hair then use hands to disperse evenly and dry as preferred. Can also be applied to dry hair.
  • Use as a split ends treatment: Spray on to ends generously after washing and massage into ends.
  • Use as often as desired.