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Product Description

KASHO DAMASCUS is a combination of the centuries-old traditions of blacksmith skill with modern futuristic technologies.

Maximum sharpness, rigidity and edge strength is achieved through the use of wear-resistant stainless alloy Damascus steel V10, carefully polished to obtain a characteristic pattern.

The unique “flat screw” screw system – a flat screw with integrated ball bearing provides smoothness and ease of operation. The outer and inner surfaces of the cloths are finely polished to a mirror finish.


  • form: ergonomic;
  • mechanism: flat screw with integrated ball bearing;
  • sharpening: Convex, angle 45°
  • form of blades: semi-convex blades, concave inner surface;
  • scissor length: 6.0 inches;
  • Material: high-grade carbon stainless Damascus steel.