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Product Description
The condition of your skin affects the results of your makeup.The condition of your scalp affects the appearance of your hair.


Scalp-Purifying & Nourishing / Silicones Parabens Free

Moisturize scalp and nourish hair with natural ceramides. Control scalp oil and reduce dead skin cells and enjoy a clean scalp and healthy hair.

Naturing Perfume System: Free of Silicon, paraben, colours, petroleum-derived surfactant, isothiazolinone

Natural ceramides: A moisturizing layer on your scalp! It leaves a dry and itchy scalp clean and moisturized and turns split hair ends and rough hair into smooth and healthy hair.

Lemon essential Clean your scalp with a fresh touch

Scalp oil & dead skin cells improved* Skin irritation testing completed *Tested by: P&K, more than 20 people tested, before and after use comparison


Apply on wet hair after shampoo. Massage gently throughout the hair and rinse.