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Product Description
Nature-derived Hypoallergenic Hair Care The condition of your skin affects the results of your makeup. The condition of your scalp affects the appearance of your hair. Hypoallergenic Formulas for Sensitive Scalps, The Zero-harsh-chemical formulas minimize irritation to scalp, and Natural Ceramide and natural serums promote hair and scalp health."


Scalp-Purifying & Nourishing / Silicones Parabens Free

Moisturize scalp and nourish hair with natural ceramides. Control scalp oil and reduce dead skin cells and enjoy a clean scalp and healthy hair.

Naturing Perfume System: Free of Silicon, paraben, colours, petroleum-derived surfactant, isothiazolinone

Natural ceramides: A moisturizing layer on your scalp! It leaves a dry and itchy scalp clean and moisturized and turns split hair ends and rough hair into smooth and healthy hair.

Lemon essential Clean your scalp with a fresh touch

Scalp oil & dead skin cells improved* Skin irritation testing completed *Tested by: P&K, more than 20 people tested, before and after use comparison


Apply to wet hair and gently massage your hair and scalp. Rinse with running water.