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Product Description
A range of professional-grade shampoos and conditioners that are optimized for different scalp/hair types,creating visible improvement with regular use.Formulated with our proprietary CMC technology , they strengthen,hydrate and condition hair for a luminous shine.


1. CMC Repair Technology - CMC lipids penetrate the hair shaft, repairing damage from the inside out.
2. Different Liposomes for Different Scalp/Hair Types
- Moisture Liposome : Hydrates and moisturizes.
- Multivitamin Liposome : Improves hair elasticity.
- Gloss Liposome : Protects against UV rays and adds shine.
3.Dual Keratin Care System
- Micro Keratin + Macro Keratin for damaged hair
4.Swiss Alpine Herb Extracts
- Scalp care Product of Korea


1. After shampoo, apply a proper amount to your hair and massage lightly.
2. 2-3minutes later, wash your hair with warm water.