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Product Description
  • Hair manicure is one of the longest lasting direct hair colors around with a wide range of unnatural and inter-mixable colors.
  • This high performance, straightforward and easy-to-use hair color produces consistent, reliable results that stylists can count on to provide professional true to tone hair color solutions.
  • Check out these colors; get vibrant, long lasting (as long as 3 months), outstanding color saturation, intense shine, improved condition and manageability all through a single bottle.


  • For best color results, always recommended to bleach or lighten your hair up to 8 shades to make color last longer. (Different shades have different color results)
  • Shampoo and blow dry hair
  • Pour the required amount into the bowl, always wear disposable gloves
  • Use brush and a large tooth-comb apply evenly to the areas to be colored. (Do not apply on the scalp)
  • For better penetration and best results, heating 30 minutes under 35 - 40°C
  • Leave to cool for 5-10 minutes
  • Rinse off well and then cleanse and treat with hair conditioner
  • Blow dry and style as usual