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Product Description
  • Lisap LK Anti-Age Hair Colour ensures a perfect coverage of white hair, as well as uniformity and durability of colour.
  • Uses an exclusive phyto-enhancer that is the perfect way to guarantee a perfect colour on mature hair.
  • While most colouring creams simply deposit colour at random, LK Anti-Age cream’s innovative phyto-enhancer ingredients administers colour micromolecules directly to the anchoring points in the keratin structure, guaranteeing perfect long lasting results on all hair types.


  • Maximum performance
  • Up to 100% white hair coverage
  • Ultimate colour retention


Full Head Application

Step 1

  • Apply to the lengths and ends only
  • With heat : 15 mins
  • Without heat : 30 mins

Step 2

  • Apply to the roots
  • With heat : 25-35 mins
  • Without heat: 50-60 mins