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Product Description
Electric Comb for hair dyeing
1.The dye isn't stained with the skin or the back of the hands. Becouse it is a dense comb, it doesn't clump hair and it dyes evenly.
2. Just you pres and are holding the button, and comb your hair. When you press the butten, motor is rolling and pushes the dye up towards the comb.
3. Incorporate 1 agent (dyeing agent) and 2 agent (oxidizing agent) of the inner container into the inner container in the appropriate amount as necessary and install the inner container in the outer container.
4. It is a convenient and efficient product that can do hair dyeing on your own hair by yourself until inside hair.
5. It is a device that combines a small reduction motor, Korean unique traditional comb and modern mechanism.
6. This product is combinated of comb teeth in a double inverted triangle. Depending on the type of hair, the user can select and attach a suitable comb.


  • Colorant spouts to the spouting hole through the passage of the top body and spouts to the end of double teeth of comb.
  • If can dye the white hair of front hair root side ith one time brush conveniently and exchange the teeth of comb for long hair or short hair.
  • It is a semi-permanent product that appied the theory of fine-tooth bamboo comb, valuable heritage of ancestors.
  • It doesn't flow down the colorant and dyes evenly without stain from the outside to inside hair.


  1. Inject colorant and developer adjusting the scale as much as needed depending on the hair length.
  2. Reverse rotate pressurizing member with up down button and clean after deteching to original position.