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Product Description
Unique deoxidizing ingredient of levitation fibrins and PTT micro molecule hydrolyzing protein can immediately replenish the perm with required nutrients, and the high elasticity factor helps make the angle of bi-Sulfur bond smaller and the arrangement of bi-Sulfur bond closer so that the perm will achieve ideal elasticity, healthiness and luster


  • For long / extremely damage hair type
  • Structure building extra hair care for extremely stressed sections of hair
  • The LPP components penetrate into the hair and rebuild its structure
  • The native haircare oils envelope the hair and give it added suppleness of Montouch Professional intensive treatments such as hair spa treatment


Shampoo and towel dry hair. Work a desired amount into the porous zones of the hair (usually mid lengths and ends). Do not rinse out then apply the usual hair spa treatment and then used micro mist machine steam for 5-10 minutes, the effect will be intensified with heat.