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Product Description
Power Protector aids to chemical and technical treatment of the hair. Protection/ Palliative for sensitive hair stabilizer of the action of Alkaline Product. Regenerator of badly treated hair. Ideal for all chemical treated hair type. Smooth express with amino acid and CureTec proteins, providing express care to restructure the hair from within.

Suitable hair types:
1. Damaged hair (including split ends, dry and brittle hair)
2. Instant treatment for Flat Iron perm
3. Quick pick-me-up treatment before styling / setting for straight hair
4. any hair types


  • Hydrophilic prescription contains specialized micro amino acids molecules, able to quickly penetrates nutrients to nourish and repair porous hair.
  • Contain natural moisture retaining molecule, water cress to prevent split ends, static, damage. It will make hair smoother, without tangles, easily manageable, light and soft.


Clean and towel-dried hair. Apply entire contents of 1 vial to hair. Massage and comb through hair. Leave it for 2-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Style as desired. For best results, use in conjunction with MONTOUCH Shampoo