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Product Description
  • Vvid keratin dyeing full of protein.
  • The birth of a different color!
  • Three-stage concentrated dyeing care that reduces damage and is filled with color and protein.
  • Keratin Flex System, containing keratin protein, reduces hair damage and helps pigments penetrate reliably!


  • Wear the enclosed cape (shoulder cover) and gloves.
  • Apply Keratin Hair Ampoule evenly to the damaged part at the tip of the hair.
  • Apply a proper amount of the color mixture (colorant & developer at the mixing ratio of 1:1) to your hair evenly.
  • After evenly applying to all your hair, leave it for 30 minutes.
  • When you have finished hair dye, rinse well with warm water and shampoo until water runs clear.
  • Apply a small amount of Recovery Balm B to the towel-dried wet hair to finish.