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Product Description
  • Aire+01 Smoothing CMC Shampoo Mildly Damaged Hair.
  • Shampoo | Scalp-friendly, and cleans while nourishing the hair base. Emollient CMC Shampoo
  • With scalp and hair-friendly cleansing element base
  • Bubble with soft feeling
  • CMC Amino element works on the hair, and while maintaining hair condition, remove dirt from hair and scalp.
  • Smooth finishing that does not affect hair volume
  • Fresh Apple Peach fragrance
What is CMC:
  • Cell layer compound exists outside and inside our hair, and hair cells stick together so that it is not easy to peel off (not- easy-to-damage effect) and maintain moisture, and prevent it from leaving (to prevent dryness and maintain hair softness).
  • Damaged hair means the so-called CMC substance had left the hair, and many gaps develop inside the hair, resulting in hair winding, which is the cause of loose and dry hair.
  • CMC is a natural ingredient found in hair structure.