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Product Description
  • Treament Shampoo contains ingredients that are essential in rebuilding chemically damaged hair.
  • Its effects are lasting , and with continous use will ensure healthy strong and fuller hair.
  • Treatment Shampoo will dramatically help prolong the results of coloring , perming and relaxing hair.

  • Help to achieve your dream for luxurious silky , smooth , modern look hair to the real star standard .
  • Enriched witth extra nourisnment , it nourishes and makes hair healthy and silky .
  • Deep repair masque is also the perfect and healthy choice to calm your curls and waves , while also protecting locks form heat and UV rays.
  • It is well-equipped with keratin which instantly heals , seals , and protects hair , maintaining its internal moisture .

  • Queens Qu20 Super Soft Spray 300ml Moisture with jojoba extract.
  • An active spray is formulated for dry, damage and straightening perm hair.
  • It can be use for chemical treated hair to help to prevent split end.
  • Regular use will greatly improves conditions of the hair, reduces hair dehydration and overstresses
  • Super conditioning additivies enhances the combability without weighing the hair.
  • This item cannot ship to East Malaysia.