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Product Description

Queens Qu4 Anti Hair Loss Shampoo 1000ml
Anti Hair Loss Shampoo cotains luxurious blend of conditioners ,protein and natural botanical ingredients.
It is formulated with the care business to gently cleans impurities from the hair while replenishing the hair and scalp's moisture.
The enriched ingredients added linger on the hair longer providing shiny appearance while aid in reparing the broken shafts and splits ends.
The protein contents rich in crystein that helps to restore notural crystein that helps to restore natural crystein lost during the chemical process.

Queens Qu3 Deep Repair Masque 1000ml
Help to achieve your dream for luxurious silky , smooth , modern look hair to the real star standard .
Enriched witth extra nourisnment , it nourishes and makes hair healthy and silky .
Deep repair masque is also the perfect and healthy choice to calm your curls and waves , while also protecting locks form heat and UV rays.
It is well-equipped with keratin which instantly heals , seals , and protects hair , maintaining its internal moisture .

Queens Qu33 Scalp Cool Spa Treatment 500ml
Cool Spa Treatment contains various essential nutritive components with lastest spa technology.
After treatment , hair will be nouridhed and replenished completely from inside out.
This treatment is pinpointed at the improverment of the exture and glossiness of the hair.

Queens Qu14 Hair Tonic 120ml
moisture the hair, prevent hair loss makes scalp clean & control the dandruff as a result for healthier hair.

Apply on fully dry hair
Spread onto scalp directly
Massage in circular movement using fingertips for maximum absorption
Leave it dry naturally