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Product Description
  • Powerfully repair damaged hair.
  • Long-lasting effect, for about 30-90 days.


  1. Use detoxifying shampoo and wash thoroughly. Do not use silicone shampoo or conditioner. After shower, towel dry the hair without using any hair care products, cream or oil etc.
  2. Use keratin treatment wake active essence and apply evenly to the hair 2cm away from the hair roots. Comb evenly and leave on for 10-20 minutes (the more damaged the hair, the longer the leave on time). No need to rinse, just use a hair dryer to blow dry and divide the hair into sections (5cm wide and 2cm thick). NOTE: If the hair is still very wet after 20 minutes, use hair dryer to blow it to about 90% dry then proceed to ironing the hair.
  3. Straightening: Use flat iron for each hair section.
  4. For damaged hair, use 160 degrees heat; 180 degrees heat for normal hair and 140 to 150 degrees heat for extremely damaged hair.
  5. When ironing the hair section, clamp the hair piece with tension. If the hair end is very damaged, just iron that part quickly.
  6. After the ironing process, wash the hair the next day.


Brazilian fruit, Australian cashmere protein, keratin